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If you are fighting for your freedom, your family, your life, your financial stability, and success
of your business, then make Todd M. Leventhal your personal, family, business and/or criminal attorney.
Mr. Leventhal is dedicated to protecting you and your future.
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Todd Leventhal

Todd M. Leventhal, a general practice trial attorney with a practice emphasizing criminal defense in Federal and State Courts offers responsive, qualified and unique defense in your criminal case and unparalleled representation for all general matters..

You can contact Todd Leventhal by email leventhalandassociates@gmail.com. Todd can also be reached at his office: 702-472-8686


Mr. Leventhal is dedicated to protecting you and your future. Practicing in both state and federal courts, he offers the resources and experience to handle your legal problem with unparalleled service and personal attention..

Don't take a chance with your freedom, reputation, and way of life. Please contact us to request your free, no obligation case review.


Mr. Leventhal has practiced with international, regional and local clients. Spent time as an elected District Attorney, Prosecutor and County Civil Counsel. Years of experience in the area of Criminal Defense and being committed to the best possible outcome of each and every client and case!  


Other Specialties
Along with our other areas of practice, we also offer these services,
  •   2255 and 2254 Motions for Appeal
  •   Second Chance Act!   (FEDERAL)
  •   Family Law
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